Join the glamorous journey of Solé Lynds – visionary CEO, devoted mother, and global wine entrepreneur. Welcome to her extraordinary world at Foy Global Wines in France & Foy Global Group US. In this biography, discover Solé's captivating odyssey, where passion, perseverance, and a hint of sparkle propel her forward. Let's uncork the essence of her soul and toast to a life filled with glamour, humour, and resilience! 🍷✨

Hailing proudly from Venezuela, Solé's journey has spanned four continents, calling each (Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania) home. This journey has shaped her perspective and instilled in her a profound sense of belonging to the global community, enriching her on her business culture negotiation skills. While Solé prefers to keep her age a mystery, she stands tall on the 4th floor of her life, embracing each moment with gratitude and determination. 

Solé's most cherished title is "MUMMY" of two extraordinary sons, each overcoming adversity with resilience. With one diagnosed with ADHD and the other on the Autism spectrum, her journey as a mother is truly inspirational. She stands as a beacon of strength, nurturing their passions and empowering their dreams. Solé's professional journey in wines and hospitality began at a young age, driven by her childhood love for culinary arts. From playful role-playing as a chef and waitress to navigating vibrant hospitality scenes across continents, her global adventure led her to the heart of Paris, where Foy Global Wines was born.

At 17, Solé embarked on a grand adventure to England, eager to immerse herself in a new culture and language. Overcoming initial language barriers with flair, she waltzed into the hospitality industry. Starting as a kitchen porter, she ascended to roles as varied as wine rep, event coordinator, wine buyer, and globe-trotting sommelier. Oh, the tales of her journey – a delightful blend of elegance, humour, and globetrotting glamour! 

Driven by a passion for wines, Solé pursued academic excellence, earning dual Bachelor's degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Computer. Science Information Management Systems. She continued her education with an MBA focused on General Business and Marketing. Alongside her academic achievements, Solé holds certifications in WSET. Despite juggling motherhood and academia, she pursued a Master's in Wine and Hospitality Management from Kedge Business School in Paris, honing her expertise while balancing the roles of motherhood and wifehood with grace and resilience. 

Throughout her journey, Solé remains deeply passionate about education, culture, and sustainability. As an advocate for mindful living and environmental consciousness, she strives to promote a greener, more conscious planet. Sometimes she gets back to the sea, as she is also a passionate diver, advocate, and active participant in sea turtle protection with her non-profit company, Kuanles. In every sip of wine, Solé discovers a story—a tale woven with history, culture, and the shared experiences of humanity. This profound connection fuels her passion, driving her to create a better world for future generations. 

Now based in the beautiful city of Paris, she continues her distribution in the City of Love while expanding her export business to the US and Panama, eagerly seeking to enter the Indian market soon. 

Join Solé on this remarkable journey, one sip at a time. Connect with her on social media @solelynds and embark on this journey together! Cheers! 🍷

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