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Sorelle Palazzi 1973

Sorelle Palazzi 1973

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Within 18 months, the two families complete the handover aimed at ensuring continuity in the quality of certain products, including Vin Santo, and in 2019, the historic winery restarts with a new impetus.
A few months later, renovations of the nearly 2,000 square meters of real estate begin, and in 2022 a new, more complex and contemporary wine collection is presented, which you will have the opportunity to taste during this event.

Organic for almost 50 years
Since its inception, our winery has followed the principles of Organic Farming, a crop management little known at the time but in which we have always believed until today, with the confirmation of ICEA certification.

A forward-looking vision that enhances a research and sustainability work of almost half a century.

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