Yurumi Ortiz, a Venezuelan woman, embodies the spirit of countless immigrants worldwide who carry their cultural heritage with them, first in Ecuador and later settling in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2015. Her journey has instilled in her qualities of resilience, patience, a voracious appetite for learning, and adaptability, honed through navigating personal, familial, and professional reinvention.

Motherhood stands as Yurumi's paramount challenge, a deeply enriching and demanding role within the context of migration, nurturing her beloved daughter.
With a decade of experience in the hospitality and tourism sector across diverse roles, Yurumi has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and adept leadership skills crucial for navigating high-pressure environments and leading teams effectively.
Transitioning into Project Management marked a pivotal moment for Yurumi during her time in Argentina.

Initially tackling startup projects, she later embraced more substantial challenges, supported by dual diplomas in Project Management from Buenos Aires Technological University and General Management from the European Business School, along with specialized training in NLP for businesses and other soft skills.
Yurumi's fervent passion for organization, meticulous planning, adept supervision, and timely project delivery resonates throughout her work. She recognizes the paramount importance of fostering a supportive environment for collaborators in steering iterative and dynamic projects.

Currently, Yurumi excels as a specialist in project management and team leadership within the wine and spirits division of Foy Global Wines in France and Foy Global Group in the US. Collaborating closely with CEO Solé Lynds, she is committed to elevating every project to its fullest potential, driving innovation and excellence forward.

Yurumi is indeed a valuable asset to our company 🍷